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A vehicle can malfunction at any time. Naturally, you’ll want to mitigate your risk as much as possible, but there is always the chance that something could go wrong on the road. When it does, you will need to take your vehicle in to a trusted professional. If your car’s warranty has expired, you will be left to pay the bill yourself. This could amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the issue. Would you be able to afford it if this happened to you? Many, unfortunately, could not. This is a problem that impacts thousands of people annually, keeping many from safely and efficiently getting to where they need to be.

CARS Protection Plus was founded in 1998 to address this very situation. CARS Protection Plus offers vehicle service contracts to individuals looking for peace of mind when it comes to their automobile and the company prides itself on its ability to provide comprehensive protection for vehicles while educating drivers. Although CARS Protection Plus started with just six employees, the company has expanded its operations and has grown to a staff of over 100. This is a testament to the products and service CARS Protection Plus provides to drivers and the care that is put into protecting their vehicles.

About CARS Protection Plus

Your car dealer may offer CARS Protection Plus vehicle service contracts; it has serviced over 17,000 dealers in 34 states. CARS Protection has paid mechanical claims in each and every state in the continental United States. CARS Protection Plus has sold over 1.5 million vehicle service contracts overall since the time of its founding.

Here are some of the reasons why CARS has done so well in the vehicle service contract industry:

  • CARS is dedicated to remaining an honest and truthful company that provides its clients with affordable products that meet their needs.
  • All repairs and services that are listed in a customer’s vehicle service contract are covered. There are no exceptions or surprises.
  • CARS will pay a claim as soon as it has been reviewed and approved. The claim is often paid on the very same business day.
  • CARS plans have a vehicle mileage limit of 200,000 miles, which is by far an industry best.
  • All authorized repairs can be done at the repair facility of the customer’s choosing.

CARS Protection Plus has built its reputation on its commitment to offering high quality insurance with the customer service to match. CARS Protection Plus understands how much we depend on our vehicles as well as comprehensive insurance solutions to protect them, and the company works tirelessly to ensure that clients are able to keep cars on the road. If you are looking for a company that offers vehicle service contracts that will actually cover your vehicle when you need it the most, your search is over. CARS Protection Plus has been the choice of so many dealers and customers, and it has not strayed from its core mission of truth, honesty, and affordability.

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CARS Protection Plus

Protecting your vehicle can be simple, but the fact remains that there are many people out there who do not know details such as what constitutes great service, terms, and contract affordability. is a resource for helping vehicle owners across the country develop a better understanding of a range of topics related to car insurance. Not only does accessible knowledge on car insurance and associated topics help drivers better maintain their vehicles, but it is also valuable for increasing their safety on the road. Below are a few of the concepts that you can expect through CARS Protection Plus updates.

Recent Industry Developments

Keeping up with news and recent developments within the car insurance industry can be extremely beneficial for making informed decisions. Expect to include posts that break down recent happenings in the car insurance sector and how they impact drivers, insurance, and dealerships.

Professional Insights

To many, exploring the car insurance industry can be a daunting experience. Posts inspired by insights of thought leaders, seasoned insurance professionals, and car experts can be excellent resources for information. Finding the right insurance for you, making empowered decisions in the space, and better protecting your vehicle are much more streamlined with accessible, trusted resources.

 Car Insurance Service Information

Receiving coverage that will properly protect your vehicle can be simple provided you have information on comprehensive coverage. CARS Protection Plus speaks to how important it can be for individuals to have access to information on car insurance that takes their needs, concerns, and considerations into account. CARS Protection Plus acts as a resource for sharing information on insurance because the company knows how much it can help individuals avoid costly repairs.

More from CARS Protection Plus

Learning about the intricacies of car insurance and maintenance is crucial for keeping your car on the road. CARS Protection Plus notes that it is in the unique position to act as a resource for individuals seeking out more information and insights on car insurance products, maintenance tips, associated services, and more. To this point, CARS Protection Plus aims to contribute to conversations on a wide range of topics related to its areas of expertise. Posts will detail commonly requested topics such as maintenance tips for each season, what to look for in a car insurance company, common mistakes to avoid when seeking insurance, and more.